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To honor your life’s milestones it would be our honor and delight to work with you and your loved ones to create the perfect customized ceremony incorporating whatever customs are meaningful to you. We have many resources and are happy to help you design a ceremony that suits you perfectly.

At Heart Moments Ceremonies we love weddings and adore ceremonies in general.  Owner,  Judith Seton has had the pleasure of facilitating many ceremonies and events internationally over the past twenty-five years. ”I am a great believer in the power, joy and import of ceremonies. They create wonderful memories to last a lifetime and can powerfully sow seeds for the future.”

Heart Moments Ceremonies is committed to you having the ceremony of your dreams.

The ceremonies we create in partnership with you include: weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewal, anniversaries, coming of age rituals, baby naming and welcoming, memorials and end of life tributes, or any occasion that is of importance to you.

Years of event experience enables us to provide support beyond just the planning and delivery of your ceremony, it enables us to interface with other professionals, provide expert advice and assist you with every aspect of your event.

We look forward to supporting you in having the ceremony of your dreams.

Heart Moments Ceremonies
serves the
San Francisco
Bay Area
with ceremonies
created to reflect your
lifestyle & taste.
Contact us at 707.433.6680
or by email.

Robert & Judith

Judith & her husband Robert
at a Sonoma event